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October 25, 2008

My Top 3 Web 2.0 Apps

It’s true I promise. I really do love to check out the latest, greatest, & coolest web applications around. I live, breathe, and think Web 2.0. The other day stumbled upon Jott – If you’re driving down the street, on the elevator, or having coffee with friends and you remember that there’s something important that you need to do soon, just call Jott. The app will transcribe your voice message to text and do one of two things:

  1. email the note to you.
  2. text the message to you.

I use Jott often and can’t get enough of it. It keeps me on track by providing an extra reminder for me regarding important business and personal follow up tasks.

My next favorite app is Closet Assistant – It is a super cool wardrobe management app. It allows you to upload personal clothing items and create actual outfits. So? In other words you can really see what’s in your closet and therefore utilize those items more. And, it also provides fashion tips and advice that helps you to update current outfits. We can all use a little pizazz in our closets.

My third and last favorite app is ChipIn – If you are fund raising or collecting any kind of money, this is for you. ChipIn allows you to embed the widget into your favorite website or create your own new ChipIn site. Then people you know can contribute funds via PayPal. It’s really that simple!


October 23, 2008

What are Australians doing?

Well it’s true. They’re quite busy. Frankly, they’re utilizing the vast array of technology that’s available out there to their advantage. And, why not is the question. Sometimes we get so set into our routine or or ways that we’re afraid to take risks and try new or different things. It’s perfectly ok to have a favorite way to work. But if a neighbor suggests a shorter route, or a route that’s more scenic, don’t be afraid to venture out. It’s great to be adventurous. It’s actually a very freeing feeling. Being fearless or semi-unafraid is just half of the battle to having new experiences to share. With that being said, what are Australians really up to, you may ask. Well, let’s see….

They’re using sites like:

  • –        taking social networking to infinity & beyond. Tailored to sports lovers.
  • – allows businesses & restaurants to take reservations from clients online using the telephone. System calls in reservations.
  • -allows users to donate to gifts on a worldwide basis. 
  • – allows users to create 3D games or virtual worlds on social networking sites.
  • –               charity site that allows users to donate clean water and the like world wide.

Clearly, we need to get up to par, and step up our technology game if we’re going to continue to be savvy via technology.

October 6, 2008

Web 2.0 Seminar

Hi All,

Boy have I missed you. I’ve been so busy with clients, and planning this seminar. I hope that life is treating you all well. I’m creating a series of seminars, webinars, and podcasts for my clients & colleagues to enjoy. The latest seminar is being held on Monday October 27th from 11 am – 1 pm in Wilmington, NC. I’m going to share the latest & greatest free web 2.0 apps available to make our lives easier and more organized. I’m very pleased that interest is high and excitement is building. I thought that I was going to have to do a full seminar the other night when colleagues kept trying to pick my brain. Oh well, gotta love em’. I promise that I’ll never stay away from you that long again. Talk soon.


September 8, 2008

Get More Blog Traffic – Coming Soon

Do you long to have more traffic racing to your blog? Well, it’s only a few steps away with a few tips that I’ve compiled for you. How’d you like the Atomkeep sync site? It’s the coolest thing that I’ve come across in weeks. Talk soon.


September 7, 2008

Cool Site

Hi All,

I have been dying to tell you about this new site that I’ve been using that syncs all of your social networking profiles at once. Yes, it’s true. Just one time and you’re done. It’s called Atomkeep. It takes about a minute to register and it’s FREE. Can it be much cooler? Check it out and hit me back with comments. The site is:

The second syncing site is at Plaxo.
It works well too. Enjoy. Talk soon.

September 5, 2008

Software Frustrations

What is your most annoying problem while working with Microsoft Office software? Please list the top 3. I.E. when my the spell checker in Word refuses to recognize my last name, I can’t take it. Thanks for sharing. Talk soon.

August 6, 2008

Sunny San Diego

Hi All,

Boy have I missed you. I have often thought about you as I worked in my hotel room from 8 – 6 pm every day. Today, we went to Sea World and the beach. It was the first day that I didn’t work 10 – 12 hours. As for the Adidas Phenom Camp, my daughter made the All Star team again. And, she received an award for being the best post player or something. I’ve forgotten the exact wording. I’ll have a lot of pics to post soon. As for software training and networking, I’ve done my fair share of networking in the past 4 days. I love it out here. Everyone is so friendly. But, I must go to work for another 2 – 3 hours to make up for some of the time watching the Shamu whale show. Talk soon.

August 1, 2008

Adidas Jr. Phenom Basketball Camp

Hi All,

I’ve missed you much. It seems like forever since I’ve talked to you guys. My family & I had an uneventful day of travel to the West Coast. We are so excited about the Adidas Phenom Camp and visiting the San Diego Zoo. My only dilemma is that I need to work a bit in between relaxing. Any suggestions guys? I’ll keep you posted as to whether I really get any work done or if I just lounge and enjoy San Diego. Talk soon.

July 24, 2008

Influenza Blues

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I’m feeling so weak and tired today. It’s been an entire week already. I can’t seem to shake the blues, or the flu that initially caused the blues. The summer is almost over and I’m searching for a long list of accomplishments for my shelf in the mudroom. As I continue to search, I will keep you posted as to what I find.

Next week my family & I are going on a journey to the Adidas Phenom Camp in San Diego; and possibly the Grand Canyon. I’m excited, although it’s hard to tell because the excitement is constantly suffocated by the influenza blues. It’s like each ounce of glee is met with two ounces of misery and glum. With the new airline carry on guidelines I’m not sure what I’m going to do, because I’m such a heavy packer. I have to have extras of things like toothpaste, outfits, and books in case I run out or lose something. My husband has given me the carry on lecture so many times thus far. I think I can, I think I can, I really think I can do this. I’ll keep you posted.

I missed a very important meeting today, and yesterday. It’s amazing how one’s personality changes when they’re a bit under the weather. I’ve yet to have a pity party because that’s not my style. To be perfectly honest, I feel like writing a few songs or poems to try to get rid of the influenza blues. Maybe I’ll share later. Oh yeah, before I forget, my car battery died a couple of days ago. The Triple AAA guy says it’s due to the heat. I vowed to remain calm as usual. I’ve got some great news to share with you next time. Until we meet again.


June 10, 2008

Great Websites

A listing of my fav sites are as follows:

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