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October 23, 2008

What are Australians doing?

Well it’s true. They’re quite busy. Frankly, they’re utilizing the vast array of technology that’s available out there to their advantage. And, why not is the question. Sometimes we get so set into our routine or or ways that we’re afraid to take risks and try new or different things. It’s perfectly ok to have a favorite way to work. But if a neighbor suggests a shorter route, or a route that’s more scenic, don’t be afraid to venture out. It’s great to be adventurous. It’s actually a very freeing feeling. Being fearless or semi-unafraid is just half of the battle to having new experiences to share. With that being said, what are Australians really up to, you may ask. Well, let’s see….

They’re using sites like:

  • –        taking social networking to infinity & beyond. Tailored to sports lovers.
  • – allows businesses & restaurants to take reservations from clients online using the telephone. System calls in reservations.
  • -allows users to donate to gifts on a worldwide basis. 
  • – allows users to create 3D games or virtual worlds on social networking sites.
  • –               charity site that allows users to donate clean water and the like world wide.

Clearly, we need to get up to par, and step up our technology game if we’re going to continue to be savvy via technology.


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