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October 25, 2008

My Top 3 Web 2.0 Apps

It’s true I promise. I really do love to check out the latest, greatest, & coolest web applications around. I live, breathe, and think Web 2.0. The other day stumbled upon Jott – If you’re driving down the street, on the elevator, or having coffee with friends and you remember that there’s something important that you need to do soon, just call Jott. The app will transcribe your voice message to text and do one of two things:

  1. email the note to you.
  2. text the message to you.

I use Jott often and can’t get enough of it. It keeps me on track by providing an extra reminder for me regarding important business and personal follow up tasks.

My next favorite app is Closet Assistant – It is a super cool wardrobe management app. It allows you to upload personal clothing items and create actual outfits. So? In other words you can really see what’s in your closet and therefore utilize those items more. And, it also provides fashion tips and advice that helps you to update current outfits. We can all use a little pizazz in our closets.

My third and last favorite app is ChipIn – If you are fund raising or collecting any kind of money, this is for you. ChipIn allows you to embed the widget into your favorite website or create your own new ChipIn site. Then people you know can contribute funds via PayPal. It’s really that simple!


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